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South Kalimantan with capital city Banjarmasin is the oldest and crowded city among kalimantan before 1950 the provinces include central kalimantan and after spread out into 2 provinces it had been the smallest area with total about 37.530,52 km2, with total population 3.922.790 (2014). it has 2 city and 11 regencies with the biggest is Kotabaru (9.422,73 km2)  and the smallest is Banjarmasin (72.67 km2).

1. Climate & Humidity
Rain debit in an area is influenced by the climate, geografi, and wind circulation, in 2014 rain debit was be the highest occurs in April with 8888 mm while the lowest was in July with 5,8 mm.  The wind in rainy season usually blow strong that blwoing from west  so at that month usually know as west season, in dry season wind blows from australia continent the temperature at this moment can reach 35 - 43 *celsius.

2. Religions & Tribes
In this provinces with dominantly inhabited by Banjar tribes who semilar with malay so in 2014 96,17% the religion are moslem and the others are Protestan (1,26 %), Katolik (0,56%), Hinduism (1,61%), Budhism (0,33%), Kaharingan and Khog Ho chu (0.06%).

The tribes who exist in this province are Banjar tribes (as the main) who inhabit this province about 76,23% and others like Dayak Dusun Deyah, Dayak Balangan, Maanyan tribes, Lawangan tribes and the comers are Bugis tribes (sulawesi), Madura (madura island), Bajau (sulawesi), mandar (Sulawesi), Java (java), and etcetera.

3. Language & Currancy
Local people use local language call Bahasa Banjar as their daily communication, our national language use for formal acitivities like in the school, office and certain events. Not many people speak englist just for formal like in the school, university and foreign company who use it.

For currency here still use rupiah for foreign money  that dominantly traded in are  US $ and Riyal in some money changer in Banjarmasin.

4. Flights & ship
As  the main gate to enter the Kalimantan, banjarmasin is the main city that can spread out to east, central, and west kalimantan where it has Trisakti harbour and Syamsuddinnoor airport. From Jakarta with many flight likes Garuda indonesia, Lion air, Sriwijaya air, Citilink they fly daily, From sea it can be reached by ferry passanger ship everyday with Dharma lautan ship from surabaya to Banjarmasin.To reach Pangkalanbun from banjarmasin it can take flight with Kalstar aviation with daily flight at 12.45 and also with by public bus everyday at 10.00 am.

Swissbell Hotel Borneo (3*)

Address : Jl. Pangeran Samudera No. 17-20 Banjarmasin, Kalimantan selatan Indonesia
Last update : 2016-06-25 01:04:02

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An international link hotel in Banjarmasin with best view for tourist who make  tour in Banjarmasin, the hotel with facilites as three star hotel give guess free boat to floating market, and the hotel still now renovated for its swimming ...

Rattan INN (4*)

Address : Jl. A. Yani Km. 5,5 No. 18 Banjarmasin
Last update : 2016-06-25 00:59:52

Description :
A new renovated four star hotel in Banjarmasin with facilites like swimming full, 10 munites to shopping center, and 15 minutes to floating market is the besc choice for visitor to stay for business and leisure trips in Banjarmasin. ...

Victoria Hotel (3*)

Address : Jl. Lambung Mangkurat No. 45A Banjarmasin
Last update : 2016-06-25 01:07:41

Description :
The medium rate hotel with medium room size but with its best location for tourist where the location is in the martapura river side so this hotel has nickname of River wiew hotel. For visitor who get canal and floating ...

Banjarmasin Hotel (3*)

Address : Jl. A. yani Km. 4,5 Banjarmasin
Last update : 2016-06-25 01:12:08

Description :
Hotel with fully the entertainment that can be used by the guests who stay at the hotel likes Discoutique, Pub, Karaeke and Spa also same time there will be a music concert with popular actriss from jakarta. No swimming pool ...

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Banjarmasin with its nickname a city with a thausand river where there were two big river such Barito river and

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