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The specious province in kalimantan is east kalimantan lies between 4' 25' North lattitude to 2' 25' South latitude and 113' 44' to 119' East longitude and covers the area approximately 331.440 sq kms with more than 50 percent of this area is forest.

The main cities in this province area Samarinda as the provincial capital and Balikpapan which is wellknown as oil city and where Sepinggan international airport is located in. Sepinggan as the only one international airport in Kalimantan is located in short distance from the city center of Balikpapan. From this airport you may access all cities in Indonesia and some international destination can be done from this airport as to Singapore, Kuala lumpur  and Bandar seri begawan.

One of the wellknown towns is Tenggarong as the capital of Kutai regency which has town center right in the river bay of Mahakam. People who will upward the river to reach Dayak land mustly stop in this town before procedd their cruising. Tenggarong has afamous museum which always visited by the people after their travel form Dayak villages in upperway of Mahakam river.

The nice building which formerly was sultan Palace situated in bay of the river of Mahakam now is used as Mulawarman meseum where the old heritances from Kutai Kerta Negara kingdom are displayed and stored.

Low budget Flight

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